2013 Black Friday Deals – Is the Mystery Gone?

Black Friday 2013 Follow Me on Pinterest Each year Black Friday is becoming less of a mystery but is it still worth the effort?  As with any shopping if you want to save money the best idea is to plan.  Holiday shopping strategies have to include Black Friday deals just in case what you have on your list is going to be one of the hot items for Black Friday.

You do have much more transparency on what retailers will be featuring as specials on Black Friday weekend.  They want to get the information out as soon as possible so the shoppers are definitely at an advantage here.  The major retailers are already publicizing their deals.  Off the top of my head here are some that already have information out:


Best Buy

WalMart USA, LLC

Why Wait? Black Friday Hot Buys are Ready at! Offer valid 11.25-11.27


Besides the usual Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals I personally am keeping an eye out for price match guarantees.  Everyone hates the feeling that they paid more for something than they had to.  Some retailers are offering this on certain items.  I will update this post with specifics as I find them.

Last year we posted links to the retailers advertising specials for Black Friday.  We will update them as we find them on our Black Friday Deals Page.  Please keep in mind the best strategy is to have a list by person of what you hope to buy as a gift for them.  At the very least you should have a category identified that you know they would like.  It could be as specific as a jacket or as general as clothes but without this information your results on Black Friday can be hit or miss.  Good Luck!


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