Barbie Video Girl Doll Enters the High Tech Doll Arena

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A Doll That Takes Real Videos

Christmas and Holiday Shopping for 2010 has kicked off.  I know it seems early but November is when many of us start thinking about Christmas Gift Shopping and my daughter recently updated me on what kind of dolls really make good gifts.  Back in July of 2010 Mattel and Barbie released their new Barbie Video Girl Doll.  This doll is on the top of my daughters must have gifts this year.  Not only does this doll come with a built in video camera you can also edit the movies the doll makes with some free downloadable software from the Barbie website.

I know I am dating myself since the most high tech doll I can remember having was a baby doll that cried when you pulled a string on the back.  I know, I know it is sad.  The truth is though dolls have been trying to adapt to the new tech savvy girls of today.  My daughter also has the Dora Links Doll that seemed to have challenged many non-technical parents last year.  That doll allows you to connect to a computer via a USB cable and change her looks.  You can make her hair longer or shorter and change the color of her eyes and jewelry.  The other high tech aspect to the imaginative and interactive play for that doll is being able to connect to a Dora Links online community where you can also play games that teach social responsibility and even Spanish.

dora links connects to computer Follow Me on Pinterest Both of my children love playing the online games and Dora Links is still in demand in our house.  Some folks did have some problems with downloading the required software that for some reason is huge.  It is more painful when you first download it and then the updates are less time.  Those types of frustrations can sometimes make high tech toys of any variety a challenge.  The reality is that this will continue to be an increasing trend.  Toy companies want and need to innovate in order to compete.

The Barbie Video Girl Doll will be great for my daughter since she has been wanting a video camera for a while and getting one with a cool Barbie Doll is a plus.  Today’s kid’s aren’t as intimidated by technology as we are and becoming a movie maker is not only fun it is a skill set that will serve her in the future.  Both of these high tech dolls surprisingly can be bought for under $50, a pretty reasonable price.  I would consider these to be solid Christmas present ideas for girls between ages 5 to 13 but I would lean toward the mid to higher range so that they can get the most out of these new high tech dolls.

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