Mind Control Toys – More Than A Novelty?

Follow Me on Pinterest Can you use your mind to play a game?  Can you use The Force to move a ball?  If you haven’t been exposed to the toys I am about to discuss you might think this is science fiction but it isn’t.  Though the Star Wars Force Trainer and Mattel’s MindFlex game were released in 2009 they are still very popular toy gifts for the Christmas and Holiday season.  They seem to be past the novelty stage and are migrating to more mainstream demand.

Both toys are based on attempting to harness the power of your brainwaves to move a ball.  They use the same licensed technology from a company called NeuroSky.  The Force Trainer and the MindFlex Brain Game are similar but they have different slants on how to control the ball.

The Force Trainer by Uncle Milton of course brings to it the power of the Star Wars storyline and it’s use of “the Force” to move the ball.  It even includes training levels inspired by the Star Wars story like being able to advance from Padawan to Jedi.  The coolness factor is increased even more with the voice of Yoda as your trainer.  The challenges revolve around moving the ball up and down the chute by increasing and decreasing the speed of a fan based on how hard you concentrate.

Follow Me on Pinterest The MindFlex Game seems more of a general audience type game and differentiates itself by offering the ability to create your own obstacle courses for the ball.  It features 5 different games and includes hurdles, hoops, funnels and even a teeter-totter.  Both can be good party games because many folks would be curious to see if they really can control anything with their minds.  Who doesn’t want to think they are telekinetic?

Either one of these would be great gifts for the sci-fi and superhero fans in you life.  Depending on the demand either one can cost more than the other.  Currently the Star Wars Force Trainer is cheaper on Amazon at $55 while the Mindflex Toy is close to its list price at $78.59.  As of this writing I think you can still get Free Shipping in time for Christmas on the Force Trainer…

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