New Bakugan Toys for Christmas 2010

Follow Me on Pinterest Do you think it is too early for Christmas and Holiday Gift Shopping?  This weekend I went to a local mall to pick up a top for my daughter.  I was not prepared for the mob that I found.  I was surprised to find both front parking lots full so I ended up having to park far away on the third lot.  It seems that people are ready to shop and may already know what they want.  This is bad news for those who wait especially for high demand gifts like toys for boys.  Each year the Toy industry and in particular strong brands like Bakugan and Transformers jockey for position by developing new toys that will be demanded in that Season.

Bakugan in particular continues to add to the wide array of action figures and accessories associated with both the Bakugan Game and the Bakugan Battle Brawlers television series that airs here on the Cartoon Network.  Last year the must have Bakugan Toys were the Maxus line of Bakugan action figures Maxus Helios and Maxus Dragonoid.  They were associated with the second season of the show title New Vestroia.  They still are in high demand since they are 7 Toys in 1.  You can play with them separately and then connect them together to form massive monsters that provide huge advantages in game play.

This year Bakugan has added somewhat of a auto transforming feature to their New Bakugan Toy line of Colossus action figures.  The new Dharak Colossus and Dragonoid Colossus again feature separate pieces that can be played with separately.  This time they are 6 in 1 and feature a transformation hub.  When the accompanying battle gear pieces are connected to the hub the Bakugan for each set(Battalix Dragonoid and Brawlacus Dharak) are dropped into the figure and then it explodes into the bigger monster form.

These Bakugan toys are part of the current 3rd season of Bakugan Battlebrawlers entitled Gundalian Invaders.  These toys are good examples of those that are snapped up pretty quickly in the Holiday and Christmas shopping season.  My son has the Colossus Toys on his list so I plan to snap one up soon.  Keep in mind these toys make good gifts for boy over 5.  The way they play with these toys also evolves as they learn to play the actual Bakugan Game which can be complex.

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