Affordable Grandparents Day Gifts 2009

grandparentsday Follow Me on Pinterest It’s never too late to show Grandparents how much you value them.  Some Grandparents are heavily involved in the day to day lives of their grandchildren while others may not have that luxury or responsibility.  Either way Grandparents Day is a great time to show them how important they are.

Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

Easy and affordable gifts can be homemade or just be thoughtful.  If the grandparents are really involved in your children’s lives and help take care of them and raise them maybe they need a night out.  Treat them to a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.  If they like wine get them a bottle or even a wine basket.

Homemade cards from the kids are especially nice since it gets them involved in the gift giving and in understanding the nature of the special day, appreciating grandparents.

If the grandparents are not able to spend a lot of time with their grandchildren pictures and/or home movies are a simple yet usually much appreciated gift.  My mother-in-law can never get enough pictures and sometimes we don’t take the time to go through those pictures in our hard drives.  You can put them in traditional picture frames or buy a digital one where you can load more than one.

You can make an album or slide show type of movie with pictures you just haven’t had the chance to do anything with.  Recently I have been using a software program called Muvee to produce slide shows accompanied by music and titles.  My parents were blown away by one I sent them with pictures from our last visit with them.  Not everyone likes video editing but you may already have an application that you can do this with on the computer you have.

You can always keep to the basics of flowers and wine and most importantly your time!

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