Digital Picture Frames – An Upgrade to a Timeless Mother’s Day Gift

pictureframe Follow Me on Pinterest Thankfully long gone are the days when you had to make your own picture frames.  If you want to upgrade the way the mother in your life displays her precious memories a digital picture frame also called a digital photo frame is a good choice for a Mother’s Day present.

Most Mom’s nowadays have some form of digital photo taking device.  It could be as simple as her phone or as advanced as a Digital SLR Camera.  I admit that I am someone who has a hard drive loaded with beautiful pictures of my children and family.  I am not as good about printing them and sharing them as I would like.

Last year my husband and children got me a digital picture frame where I could transfer pictures and use them in slide shows right on the frame.  It is like having 10 frames in one or even more depending on how much memory the photo frame comes with.  Mine came with a usb connection, a flash drive connection and an SD card connection.

It has definitely made it easier to display my favorite pictures in the house.  I keep mine in the living room to display my beautiful children proudly to any guest that may stop by.

Choosing the right digital photo frame depends on the Mom involved.  You want to understand where she currently keeps her pictures (her camera, cell phone, computer…) so that the digital frame that you buy includes an easy way for her to transfer the pictures over.  You also want to take your budget into account.  The bigger the frame the higher the price and they span from 7″ to 10″ or more.  For more detailed breakdown of what to consider visit this Digital Photo Frame Guide.

Amazon is currently offering a Mother’s Day Special on a digital camera/digital picture frame combination.

If you are reading this this year you may have to use my late gift strategy since you may not get it delivered in time.  Here goes 😉 :

  1. Get a Great Mother’s Day Card
  2. Include a Printed Picture of the Present
  3. Make sure the Mother involved gets the card on or before Mother’s Day!
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