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Toy helmets and masks as costumes Follow Me on Pinterest Are you tired of spending more for a Halloween costume than you have to?  Sadly many of the Halloween costumes that we buy for our kids get used only one time.  The next year they are on to something new and would not be caught dead with last year’s costume.  This is why when you can get more use out of it you tend to get quite excited.

As I was walking through a toy store recently doing research for the coming toy giving season my son started begging me for one of the toy helmets that are part of The Avengers movie.  He thought he could use it for Halloween.

They didn’t just have electronic helmets they also had a variety of masks for many of the characters that younger boys love.  They included Captain America, Iron Man and Thor but also SpiderManDarth Vader, Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, Batman, Power Rangers and Star Wars Troopers.

Since these were not in the Halloween costume section of the store I didn’t think of it until my son pointed them out.  Many Halloween costumes can cost anywhere between $20 and $50.  The masks that I saw were on the low end so even if you have to add some props to them they would come to about the same price.  The added benefit is that they have more of a chance of being used again.  Boys love to role play their favorite characters and if you buy the electronic helmets with sound effects odds are they definitely will use them more than once.  Of course, whatever toy helmet/mask you choose to use as a Halloween costume be sure to make sure your child will be able to see where they are walking particularly on a dark Halloween night.

Here is a demo of one of the masks I found a video on:

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