Last Minute Father’s Day Ideas

fathersdaytiesm1 Follow Me on Pinterest Father’s Day is Sunday June 21st, that’s this weekend!  Don’t panic you still have time to get good Father’s Day gifts but you do have to act fast.  As the picture shows a tie is usually not the right choice.  Like all gift recipients on your list getting the right gift for Dad depends on the Dad.

At this point you may run into shipping issues with some of your Father’s Day gift choices but keep in mind that online gift stores know that time is running out too.  They do their best to offer whatever expedited shipping options they can.  Keep in mind you have until Saturday to get the gift delivered to you if you are going to be hand delivering it.  You can also use my late gift strategy from my Mother’s Day gift post if you think you are not going to get the gift delivered in time:

  1. Get a Great Father’s Day Card
  2. Include a Printed Picture of the Present
  3. Make sure the Father involved gets the card on or before Father’s Day!

So now that that’s out of the way let’s look at what will make a good last minute gift.  Here are the top 5:

  1. Shaving Related
  2. Framed Picture/Digital Photo Frame
  3. An HD Camcorder or Camera
  4. A Gift Certificate to his Favorite Games Store
  5. DVD Set of One of His Favorite TV Series

These are not necessarily in order since I have used all of these before with success.

1)Shaving can be a man’s biggest pain.  My husband has sensitive skin and a year or two ago I was told of higher end shaving products from The Art of Shaving.  You don’t necessarily have to get that brand but you can check with clerks at your department store for something equivalent if you can’t find this line.  Their products can be expensive but they do offer a better shaving experience that results in smoother better looking skin.  If the Dad on your list does not shave you can always get some grooming tools for his beard or goatee.

2)Framed pictures and digital photo frames are great because most fathers love to have the latest pictures of their kids.  I am buying a digital photo frame for my husband this year because every year I end up buying a new frame for the most recent picture of the kids he wants in his office.  You can add pictures and change them and most digital picture frames come with different color frames that can be swapped out depending on the decor.  This is also great for grandfathers who want the latest pictures of their grandkids.

3)Men love tech toys.  If the father on your list has not upgraded to HD and HD camcorder might just make his day.  Nowadays you can get the Flip or Sony equivalents for around $200.  You need to make sure it had HD capabilities though since the Flip still has the non-HD versions out on the market.

4)If the man is a gamer and you don’t know the difference between World of WarCraft and Guitar Hero you might want to buy him a gift card or certificate at a place like  GameStop.  If you know the specific title he has been waiting to get his hands on go for it and really make his day.

5)TV Series on DVD have made a bunch of older and very popular TV series available for purchase.  Men tend to love slapstick type of comedy and you can get them anything from the Three Stooges to Seinfeld.  I have done well with Seasons of The Office and 30 Rock.  You can also look at movie collections as well like The Matrix, The Terminator, Lord of the Rings, The Bourne Trilogy…

So there you have it, 5 ideas for great last minute Father’s Day gifts.

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