Recipe For the Perfect Father’s Day

iloveyoudad Follow Me on Pinterest Father’s Day seems early this year.  Believe it or not Father’s Day is next weekend Sunday June 19th(2011).  Many times the focus on these types of days is on the gifts and of course gifts are expected but Dads nowadays can play so many different roles that you may want to focus more on the experience of the day itself.  Fathers these days can work outside the home but nowadays you may find many “stay at home” Dads that may need a true break from their every day routines.  I suggest you focus on the experience as much as the gifts.

So what would make a perfect Father’s Day?  As usual of course it depends on the Dad and his interests and life.  You do need to make sure you cover the basics though.  The 3 key areas are Father’s Day Activities, Father’s Day Gifts and Father’s Day Cards.

Father’s Day Activities

Opening the day with breakfast in bed is always a good starter.  Who doesn’t want to be pampered.  For the rest of the day knowing the Dad in your life really will dictate what kind of activities he would actually enjoy.  Many times a Dad will say it doesn’t matter as long as we spend time as a family but the truth is it is his day and it should focus on activities you know he will enjoy.  If the Dad is a sports fan going to a baseball game may be a great idea.  Many major league teams have games on Father’s Day so if you can get those tickets that would be a slam dunk.  If Father in your life is a biker maybe a long family bike ride along a favorite path should be part of the activities.

Don’t be afraid to give Dad the day off.  If he’s a golfer he might want to take the time to play 18 holes without guilt.  You can always plan dinner and other activities after that.  Father’s Day brunches are also an easy and enjoyable choice.  Many restaurants have these types of brunches or special dinners for Father’s Day.  Check those in your city and town that you know he would like or he has wanted to try.  Last year we actually incorporated a car show into the activities for my husband’s father and we all went together.  He is a big car fan and he had a great time.

Father’s Day Gifts

For this section I am going to cheat a little because we have an article on our other gift site which focuses on Gift Ideas for Men which really covers a whole host of ideas.  They of course include electronics, sports related and hobby related ideas.  The key as always is to “know” the person you are giving the gift to.  Read more detailed thoughts on Gifts for Him.

Father’s Day Cards
Whether you decide to go homemade or store bought Father’s Day Cards are a way to commemorate his special day.  Some dads keep these cards especially if the kids are young enough to make home made ones.  I have actually toyed with the idea of a Father’s Day Video Card which basically is a video of special Father related events and the like.  Nowadays those things are not that hard to do with slide slow software that takes your pictures and allows you to add music to the background.

So in closing the perfect Father’s Day Recipe has the above key ingredients with 2 others to make it really special.  Time to plan it and enjoy it and Love to make the day memorable…


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