Thanksgiving Gift Ideas – Hostess, Kids, Guests…

ThanksgivingGifts Follow Me on Pinterest People don’t often think of Thanksgiving as a traditional time for gifts but there are some simple gifts to make sure your bases are covered during the Thanksgiving holiday celebration and break.

Instead of babbling on about them for too long I am going to include 3 videos that I found on YouTube that give you some great ideas that fall into the categories of hostess gifts, kids gifts(and crafts) and Thanksgiving gift baskets.

Hostess Gifts are a must because hosting Thanksgiving is a lot of work.  As mentioned in the video Wine and Flowers are classic gifts but in my mind Food gifts like boxed chocolates or baked goods fit right into the occasion and give guests options if they are not into pies.  For someone who really loves to host parties and cook there are also things related to presenting the meal like gravy boats, nice serving trays or center pieces(don’t have to be flower-centric).

Kids Thanksgiving gifts are really useful so that they can pass the time during Thanksgiving Day and the holiday break.  This is why we would include Thanksgiving Day crafts like making Turkey cups like the one in the video below.  There are many options also available on Amazon if you put in a search for “kids crafts Thanksgiving“.  You can also buy board games or the electronic version of classic games like Uno which is a hit at our house.  They also have come out with various versions of Simon with the Simon Swipe Game being the latest.

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets are also great as hostess gifts as well as for guests.  Doing them yourself is a great way to go because it can be personal and relevant to the hostess or the guests involved.  In one of the videos they have a left over “To Go” container idea that is great that can also be used with the gift basket idea.  Add recipes, a couple of the simpler ingredients and the To Go container and you have a memorable and useful guest gift.  If the Thanksgiving Gift Basket is for the hostess you can include a table runner like in the video and other things the hostess could use not just for Thanksgiving but when they may host other occasions.

Remember that being sincerely grateful for the time with friends and family and the bounty of food we are privileged to have is the greatest gift not just to everyone else but to ourselves as well.  Have a great Thanksgiving…videos below…

Do it Yourself Gifts

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Creative Hostess Gifts

Thanksgiving Gift Basket

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