Black Friday 2009 Starts Early

coupon queen copy Follow Me on Pinterest Black Friday deals are starting early this year.  What does that mean?  Many people not into shopping or in the retail business are often confused about Black Friday.  During the Christmas and Holiday Season Retailers sell a majority of what they sell the entire year.  The reason why they call it Black Friday (for all you non-accountants out there) is because from a profit and loss perspective when a business starts making money they are “in the Black” versus “in the Red” when they are losing money.

Black Friday is usually the Friday after Thanksgiving.   This year in 2009 we are seeing retailers starting their Black Friday promotions and deals early.  There are a few reasons for this.  The major one is the recession.  Stores are afraid they are not going to get as many shoppers in the store so they are hoping to entice them with deals on what they consider hot items.  This is good news for us the buyers because prices will be lower.  The other reason is that due to the way the calendar falls there only 4 shopping weekends this year.  That is why you see stores like Best Buy and Sears other major retailers offering deals starting as early as this weekend or Monday.

The good news is that you may be able to get your Christmas gift shopping done early.  You also need to be careful this year because according to reports on CNBC retailers are not stocking up as much as last year.  Last year they were burned with lots of inventory that they practically had to give away at the end of the shopping season.  This year you may find hot toys and gifts being sold out much earlier so if you have one of those on your list shop early!

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