Homemade Mother’s Day Cards Thoughtful or Cheap?

Follow Me on Pinterest Mother’s Day cards are a must.  Homemade, handmade, printable or bought from a store it is important to include a card with your Mother’s Day Gift.  Many people resort to just buying a card at the pharmacy or supermarket.  That’s not necessarily a bad choice if you spend some time going through them to make sure the message matches your mother.

When picking a card you may struggle with what is too cheesy or what is something that would seem as though it is coming from your heart.  It really all depends on your personality or that of your mother’s.  Maybe your mother is someone who would really appreciate funny mother’s day cards.  Maybe she is more the sentimental poetic type that appreciates a good mother’s day poem.

Homemade Mothers Day cards are also a legitimate choice.  Again you need to look at the Mother’s personality.  Will she think you are being cheap or will she think you are being thoughtful and creative?  In these tougher economic times most Mothers would not hold it against you if you choose to make a handmade Mother’s Day card just to save money.  Let’s face it cards can range from as little as a dollar to fancy cards that can cost $20 (like the ones you can record something on).  That doesn’t mean you should not go all out on making the perfect handmade card.  You may already have materials like construction paper, lace, glue and markers on hand.  Get creative.  Be sure to include a message that comes from your heart and will show your mother that you have put some time into it.

Another option for homemade cards is to buy card making software.  Mother’s Day printable cards will save you money in the long run if you consider you would be buying the card software for all sorts of different occasions like Father’s Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries just to name a few.  Many of us already have the hardware we need on hand.  Most homes have a computer and a decent color printer.  One card software program that I have heard a lot about is Hallmark Card Studio.  Who can forget their slogan “When you Care Enough to Send the Very Best” so n this case it would be “When You Care Enough to Make the Very Best“.

Whatever kind of Mother’s Day Card you decide on, keep in mind most Mothers keep their cards forever!

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