Toy Safety Sites for Gift Givers Follow Me on Pinterest As the 2009 Christmas season is almost upon us I thought I would point out a couple of websites that I have found useful for toy safety.  As a parent I definitely worry about giving my children unsafe toys.  Though most toys are generally safe some toys can cause injury and some even death.  You also need to worry about toys that may contain dangerous chemicals.

In the past few years more visibility has been given to the dangers of high levels of lead in certain toys.  The website that attempts to test and track results for a variety of chemicals in toys is  They actually test more than just toys so here is the direct link to the toy section that allows you to search for toys in their database.  They actually put out a list of toys each year.  Their 2009 list does not seem to be out yet.

The other site that provides general safety data for toys is which has come up with their 10 Worst List for 2009.  Those toys would probably make for bad choices for gifts.  Not everyone agrees with how either of these organizations come up with their lists but as a gift giver you definitely don’t want to give toys that will be thought unsafe by the parents involved.  The 10 Worst Toy list has been generated since 1973 and has helped determine improvements in the manufacturing of toys.

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