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2013 Black Friday Deals – Is the Mystery Gone?

Each year Black Friday is becoming less of a mystery but is it still worth the effort?  As with any shopping if you want to save money the best idea is to plan.  Holiday shopping strategies have to include Black Friday deals just in case what you have on your list is going to be […]


Cyber Monday and Cyber Week 2012 Deals

Cyber Monday is here and kicks off what is now being called Cyber Week.  While Black Friday is seen as a way to get people to actually visit stores as the gift buying season starts Cyber Monday is what retailers call the historically high amount of online shopping that happens right after the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. In […]


2012 Black Friday Deals – Earlier Than Ever

Black Friday Deals are not just on the day after Thanksgiving anymore.  The last few years have continued to add “Black Friday” type deals that not only last the Friday and weekend following Thanksgiving but now things like countdowns to Black Friday and pre-Black Friday specials have been added to the mix.  What is a […]


Mind Control Toys – More Than A Novelty?

Can you use your mind to play a game?  Can you use The Force to move a ball?  If you haven’t been exposed to the toys I am about to discuss you might think this is science fiction but it isn’t.  Though the Star Wars Force Trainer and Mattel’s MindFlex game were released in 2009 […]


New Bakugan Toys for Christmas 2010

Do you think it is too early for Christmas and Holiday Gift Shopping?  This weekend I went to a local mall to pick up a top for my daughter.  I was not prepared for the mob that I found.  I was surprised to find both front parking lots full so I ended up having to […]