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Barbie Video Girl Doll Enters the High Tech Doll Arena

Christmas and Holiday Shopping for 2010 has kicked off.  I know it seems early but November is when many of us start thinking about Christmas Gift Shopping and my daughter recently updated me on what kind of dolls really make good gifts.  Back in July of 2010 Mattel and Barbie released their new Barbie Video […]


Discovery Store Secret Santa Sale this Weekend

As we move into the main stretch of the Christmas 2009 Shopping Season many stores are running time specific deals.  Similar to Black Friday or Cyber Monday something special is being offered.  The Discovery Store from the Discovery Channel is running a 20% off if you order through their special links and banners that they […]


Black Friday 2009 Starts Early

Black Friday deals are starting early this year.  What does that mean?  Many people not into shopping or in the retail business are often confused about Black Friday.  During the Christmas and Holiday Season Retailers sell a majority of what they sell the entire year.  The reason why they call it Black Friday (for all […]