Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2010

Follow Me on Pinterest Mother’s Day is coming fast.  If you are still in the market for a Mother’s Day Gift your options are starting to diminish.  We have written a few posts on Mother’s Day before that may fit your specific situation more so here is a direct link to the Mother’s Day Presents category.

We also have updated our Mother’s Day Gift Store on Amazon.  Though there are often similar themes to the types of presents that make good gifts for moms sometimes there are new product entries.  This year a new product that looks very promising it the new Flip SlideHD Camcorder.  The Flip SlideHD is offered by Flip Video which popularized the handheld mini camcorder.  The most notable feature for this new Flip is of course the slide up widescreen viewer that allows you to view and show the videos that you have just shot.  Offering HD output as well it is the perfect gift for the gadget lover.  A new mom would also find it handy for keeping track of all of the milestone moments with their babies.

Our favorites tend to be gadget gifts like the SlideHD, the IPod Touch, and the Kindle but you will also find some other ideas at the store as well.  Check out more gift ideas for mom at the store.

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