Technology and Appliance Gifts for Mother’s Day 2013

Multitasker Mom Follow Me on Pinterest As a mom this Mother’s Day I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Being a bit obsessed with time management I always think technology can save me.   Though I love technology I have a love/hate relationship with it.  The main reason is that in order to gain the benefits of saving time that most of us look for when buying the latest phone or e-device or the latest cooking appliance , we actually have to spend time learning how to use these things.  Through the years though I have come to realize that the payoff is worth it.  That is what has driven our Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2013.

We have updated our list of suggested mother’s day gift ideas on our Amazon store and the trend definitely is techie.  The classic Mothers Day ring is there of course as it should be since every mom should eventually have one but the new Kindle Fire HD models are also spotlighted.  The new versions definitely add to the convenience of all things digital and improve on the affordable original which was/is a pretty good value to begin with.  On top of that we have included a recommendation for the GoPro Hero3 video camera which can capture not just your kids active adventures but is also great for active and adventurous moms who want to get it all on “film”.  This is also great for the mom who loves being the videographer for the family.

On the convenience and time saving side we have added 2 appliances that are a great addition to any mother’s kitchen.  The first is the Keurig coffee maker that not only makes making coffee convenient but also offers the ability to break out of the every day with a variety of flavors offered through K-Cups.  Make sure to pick the best model if you want all the options for size cups and offerings for both iced drinks and hot chocolate.

The last gift idea we will offer up is the Hamilton Beach slow cooker which can save the typical family from many take out/fast food meals.  This gift can be given with a variety of recipe books that are available for Slow Cooker recipes.  This is a great gift for the mom who has talked about this but has never gotten the chance to follow through on it.  Otherwise it might be take the wrong way.

Have a great Mother’s Day and remember to thank your mom every day!

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