Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Men

Valentines Note for Man Follow Me on Pinterest Are Valentine’s Day gifts just for women or should men be shown some appreciation too?  I’m a woman and I have always bought my husband Valentine’s Day gifts but I do remember being made fun of because of it.

One of my old bosses who could have been my father has a different view on whether men should get Valentine’s gifts.  I remember telling him I had to run out to get one for my fiancee at the time.  He laughed and grumbled saying “How things have changed, Valentines Day gifts are only for women…”.  I admit it did give me pause but it was and is something I like to do to show my love and appreciation for my husband.  As time passed I have also found that it isn’t strange at all.

Valentine’s Day gifts for men can be just about anything that you would normally give as a gift with a bit of a romantic twist. You are attempting to show your man how much you love him and that usually implies you also know him well.  Most men are not into jewelry but that doesn’t mean they don’t love watches.  I have given my husband a watch as a gift on more than one occasion including Valentine’s Day.  It is the most recommended Valentine’s Day Gift for a man that we have found based on our research.  Grooming sets and cologne are also popular gifts.

For some gift givers, creativity and uniqueness are a must when choosing what to buy their romantic partner.  What they are really looking for is something memorable.  This is why as the years have passed I gravitate toward personalized gifts.  You can get many gifts engraved with the date and your names.  Cuff links, key chains  clothing, picture frames and even some watches can be engraved at your local mall.

Lastly keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is about feeling loved and special.  Sharing whatever time you can together on that day goes a long way.  Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gift is romantic time spent together.  If you can afford it a weekend getaway would be a great gift that both of you could share and will more than likely be very memorable.

Cyber Monday and Cyber Week 2012 Deals

Follow Me on Pinterest Cyber Monday is here and kicks off what is now being called Cyber Week.  While Black Friday is seen as a way to get people to actually visit stores as the gift buying season starts Cyber Monday is what retailers call the historically high amount of online shopping that happens right after the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

In the past it was based on the fact the many buyers didn’t have access to the faster internet speeds that are now commonly found in the home.  They would use the faster speeds available at their jobs to make their online shopping easier.

Whether you have a fast online connection or not since retailers love to promote events Cyber Monday and Cyber Week have become a time when they promote specials and deals that are valid for either today or for the week.  Even though online shopping has become more the norm please make sure to buy from trusted retailers with secure websites.  This can be noted when looking at the URL/Website address that is active when you are putting in sensitive information like credit card numbers, they should include https versus just the http.  Don’t buy while using open/public wifi either.

Just like we did for Black Friday deals this year we have put together some of the Cyber Monday and Cyber Week deals that we have been able to find.  This post again will be updated as we find more 2012 Cyber Week deals.

Cyber Monday Deals from Oneida:

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Cyber Monday Deals from LuggageGuru:

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Cyber Monday deals at EWatches:

Save on Watch gifts at Ewatches

 Brookstone Deal for Cyber Monday:

 Save on Magazine Gifts from Discount Mags:

Shop Cyber Monday at for their Gift A Magazine Sale! Get 5 magazines for $18.99. Choose from a large selection of titles! (Valid Nov 26 at 12am to 11:59pm EST)

Save on gifts for you pet at PetCareRX:

 Cyber Monday savings on sunglasses from Solstice:

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Cyber Monday Deals on Jewelry Gifts from MyJewelryBox:

 CyberWeek 70% off Grooming gifts for men at Remington:

Cyber Monday Blowout! Get up to 70% off on select Products For Mens Groomers on Plus, free Shipping on all orders $5.99 and More! Valid 11/26 through 12/2 only!

Disney Store Deals for Cyber Monday only:

25% off $100, 20% off $75 or 15% off $50 plus Free Shipping at $75 at Disney Store with Promo Code: CYBER. Shop Now!

Save on a hot camera gift, the Canon Rebel with 2 lenses at QVC:

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Cyber Week Deals at Amazon:

More Updates to come…

2012 Black Friday Deals – Earlier Than Ever

Follow Me on Pinterest Black Friday Deals are not just on the day after Thanksgiving anymore.  The last few years have continued to add “Black Friday” type deals that not only last the Friday and weekend following Thanksgiving but now things like countdowns to Black Friday and pre-Black Friday specials have been added to the mix.  What is a deal shopper to do?

The answer is to update their Black Friday Shopping Strategies every year.  Just popping up at your favorite stores just isn’t going to cut it if you really want to save money.  The hard core deal shoppers know what they want before the Christmas and Holiday Shopping Season starts.  Knowing what toy or type of toys the kids on your shopping list want or knowing what latest techie gadget your husband expects are key.  This gets you in the position to be more aware of which stores to check out and which “deals” will actually save you money not just for one thing but on the little things that can add up to bust your Holiday Shopping budget.

Some people might not be happy with Black Friday Creep but if you want to save money you need to do your research and plan appropriately.  We live in Massachusetts and there are “Blue Laws” that don’t allow stores to open on Holidays like Thanksgiving so we can continue to wait until midnight.  Other States do not have these laws and retailers like Target and Walmart are opening on Thanksgiving Day.

We are putting up the information for Black Friday deals that we find out about from now until Cyber Monday.  We will update this post as more deal information rolls in.  Keep in mind to keep your eyes open for Sunday circulars as well.  Here are some of the Hot Black Friday deals we know about:

Expired Deals have been removed…

Pre-Black Friday Events from WalMart: USA, LLC
Black Friday at MyJewelryBox savings 11/23/2012 12:00am EST – 11/25/2012 11:59pm EST:

Black Friday Savings at Amerimark:


Black Friday and CyberMonday at GameStop:

GameStop, Inc.
Kohls Black Friday Savings:

18022_BF Code: Everyone saves an extra 15% off w/ Code: BLACKFRI + Free Shipping on $50 (11/21-11/23)
Hot Deals for Hockey Fans from IceJerseys:


Black Friday 2012 may be over but check out the Cyber Monday/CyberWeek deals we have found.

Halloween Costume Toy Gifts for Boys

Toy helmets and masks as costumes Follow Me on Pinterest Are you tired of spending more for a Halloween costume than you have to?  Sadly many of the Halloween costumes that we buy for our kids get used only one time.  The next year they are on to something new and would not be caught dead with last year’s costume.  This is why when you can get more use out of it you tend to get quite excited.

As I was walking through a toy store recently doing research for the coming toy giving season my son started begging me for one of the toy helmets that are part of The Avengers movie.  He thought he could use it for Halloween.

They didn’t just have electronic helmets they also had a variety of masks for many of the characters that younger boys love.  They included Captain America, Iron Man and Thor but also SpiderManDarth Vader, Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, Batman, Power Rangers and Star Wars Troopers.

Since these were not in the Halloween costume section of the store I didn’t think of it until my son pointed them out.  Many Halloween costumes can cost anywhere between $20 and $50.  The masks that I saw were on the low end so even if you have to add some props to them they would come to about the same price.  The added benefit is that they have more of a chance of being used again.  Boys love to role play their favorite characters and if you buy the electronic helmets with sound effects odds are they definitely will use them more than once.  Of course, whatever toy helmet/mask you choose to use as a Halloween costume be sure to make sure your child will be able to see where they are walking particularly on a dark Halloween night.

Here is a demo of one of the masks I found a video on:

Previous Halloween Gift Idea Articles:

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2012

new mom with crying baby Follow Me on Pinterest Mother’s come in so many varieties that getting the perfect Mother’s Day gift seems impossible.  The truth is most moms don’t care about the specific gift but being recognized for the hard work they do throughout the year goes a long way toward keeping the mothers in your life happy.

A while back we wrote an article that was posted on outside article sites that really did a great job of outlining a plan for what a Perfect Mother’s Day might include.  We will post it on this site as a good reference.

We have also updated our Mother’s Day Present Amazon Store with some fresh ideas this year.  Here are some of our thoughts on our picks.  If you can afford jewelry a Mother’s Day Ring is definitely a great and symbolic Mother’s Day gift.  The Kindle Fire is a more affordable tablet with other great built in benefits.  We have one for the kids but if you do not have an IPad or can’t spend that amount of money the Kindle Fire serves as not just an E-Reader but also a web browser and even a digital picture frame if you want to use it that way when you are not using it for something else.  The other pick that stands out for the Mom who wants or needs to work out is the Zumba Fitness DVD set which is the still popular workout dance routine that makes working out actually fun.  The trick with this is to make sure you give her the time to actually use it by pitching in with chores that may not allow her to have the time to use them.

Every Mother is different and what you give her this year may should not just be based on her interests but on what she has been given before.  Giving her the same thing year after year usually isn’t a good idea and seeing whether she actually used the previous gifts is also a great indication of whether it was a good gift or not.

For the gift ideas in the Amazon store it may be too late to ship at this point but you may be able to get something close at you nearest mall.  Don’t forget to say Thank You not just on Mother’s Day!