Barbie Video Girl Doll Enters the High Tech Doll Arena

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A Doll That Takes Real Videos

Christmas and Holiday Shopping for 2010 has kicked off.  I know it seems early but November is when many of us start thinking about Christmas Gift Shopping and my daughter recently updated me on what kind of dolls really make good gifts.  Back in July of 2010 Mattel and Barbie released their new Barbie Video Girl Doll.  This doll is on the top of my daughters must have gifts this year.  Not only does this doll come with a built in video camera you can also edit the movies the doll makes with some free downloadable software from the Barbie website.

I know I am dating myself since the most high tech doll I can remember having was a baby doll that cried when you pulled a string on the back.  I know, I know it is sad.  The truth is though dolls have been trying to adapt to the new tech savvy girls of today.  My daughter also has the Dora Links Doll that seemed to have challenged many non-technical parents last year.  That doll allows you to connect to a computer via a USB cable and change her looks.  You can make her hair longer or shorter and change the color of her eyes and jewelry.  The other high tech aspect to the imaginative and interactive play for that doll is being able to connect to a Dora Links online community where you can also play games that teach social responsibility and even Spanish.

dora links connects to computer Follow Me on Pinterest Both of my children love playing the online games and Dora Links is still in demand in our house.  Some folks did have some problems with downloading the required software that for some reason is huge.  It is more painful when you first download it and then the updates are less time.  Those types of frustrations can sometimes make high tech toys of any variety a challenge.  The reality is that this will continue to be an increasing trend.  Toy companies want and need to innovate in order to compete.

The Barbie Video Girl Doll will be great for my daughter since she has been wanting a video camera for a while and getting one with a cool Barbie Doll is a plus.  Today’s kid’s aren’t as intimidated by technology as we are and becoming a movie maker is not only fun it is a skill set that will serve her in the future.  Both of these high tech dolls surprisingly can be bought for under $50, a pretty reasonable price.  I would consider these to be solid Christmas present ideas for girls between ages 5 to 13 but I would lean toward the mid to higher range so that they can get the most out of these new high tech dolls.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2010

Follow Me on Pinterest Mother’s Day is coming fast.  If you are still in the market for a Mother’s Day Gift your options are starting to diminish.  We have written a few posts on Mother’s Day before that may fit your specific situation more so here is a direct link to the Mother’s Day Presents category.

We also have updated our Mother’s Day Gift Store on Amazon.  Though there are often similar themes to the types of presents that make good gifts for moms sometimes there are new product entries.  This year a new product that looks very promising it the new Flip SlideHD Camcorder.  The Flip SlideHD is offered by Flip Video which popularized the handheld mini camcorder.  The most notable feature for this new Flip is of course the slide up widescreen viewer that allows you to view and show the videos that you have just shot.  Offering HD output as well it is the perfect gift for the gadget lover.  A new mom would also find it handy for keeping track of all of the milestone moments with their babies.

Our favorites tend to be gadget gifts like the SlideHD, the IPod Touch, and the Kindle but you will also find some other ideas at the store as well.  Check out more gift ideas for mom at the store.

Last Minute Gifts for Secretaries Day

Follow Me on Pinterest Today is Secretaries Day for 2010!  Don’t panic there is still time to show the Administrative Staff in your life that you are not totally clueless.  If you are new to the “being the boss” world you may be wondering what Secretaries Day is all about.

The term Secretary is in some ways outdated.  Many people prefer to be called administrative assistant.  The higher level secretaries are often called Executive assistants nowadays.  Secretaries Day was started back in 1952 the the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

Since 1952, the International Association of Administrative Professionals has honored office workers by sponsoring Administrative Professionals Week. Today, it is one of the largest workplace observances outside of employee birthdays and major holidays.

In the year 2000, IAAP announced a name change for Professional Secretaries Week and Professional Secretaries Day. The names were changed to Administrative Professionals Week and Administrative Professionals Day to keep pace with changing job titles and expanding responsibilities of today’s administrative workforce.

Whatever you are calling them in your life, now is the time to show them that you care about what they do day in and day out and that you appreciate them.  If you have not already planned something like taking them out to lunch or something like that there are many other things you can do to send that last minute gift.

If you have time to run to the pharmacy go get a card, though ecards can simplify your life they don’t pack the same I am thoughtful vibe than a physical card.  You can actually write something in them that reflects your appreciation for the administrative professional involved.  Gift cards are great last minute gifts.  Nowadays you can even get them at the supermarket even though they do hit you with a fee.  You can find gift cards for restaurants or specific stores like Best Buy.

Younger folks  are actually easier because you can get them at Amazon and print them out right at your desk and or email them to the person you are giving them to.  ITunes gift certificates are also easily bought online and make great last minute gifts.

Apple iTunes

You may also have time to order some flowers which tend to be great for older administrative professionals who don’t “live” online.

Good Luck!

Homemade Mother’s Day Cards Thoughtful or Cheap?

Follow Me on Pinterest Mother’s Day cards are a must.  Homemade, handmade, printable or bought from a store it is important to include a card with your Mother’s Day Gift.  Many people resort to just buying a card at the pharmacy or supermarket.  That’s not necessarily a bad choice if you spend some time going through them to make sure the message matches your mother.

When picking a card you may struggle with what is too cheesy or what is something that would seem as though it is coming from your heart.  It really all depends on your personality or that of your mother’s.  Maybe your mother is someone who would really appreciate funny mother’s day cards.  Maybe she is more the sentimental poetic type that appreciates a good mother’s day poem.

Homemade Mothers Day cards are also a legitimate choice.  Again you need to look at the Mother’s personality.  Will she think you are being cheap or will she think you are being thoughtful and creative?  In these tougher economic times most Mothers would not hold it against you if you choose to make a handmade Mother’s Day card just to save money.  Let’s face it cards can range from as little as a dollar to fancy cards that can cost $20 (like the ones you can record something on).  That doesn’t mean you should not go all out on making the perfect handmade card.  You may already have materials like construction paper, lace, glue and markers on hand.  Get creative.  Be sure to include a message that comes from your heart and will show your mother that you have put some time into it.

Another option for homemade cards is to buy card making software.  Mother’s Day printable cards will save you money in the long run if you consider you would be buying the card software for all sorts of different occasions like Father’s Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries just to name a few.  Many of us already have the hardware we need on hand.  Most homes have a computer and a decent color printer.  One card software program that I have heard a lot about is Hallmark Card Studio.  Who can forget their slogan “When you Care Enough to Send the Very Best” so n this case it would be “When You Care Enough to Make the Very Best“.

Whatever kind of Mother’s Day Card you decide on, keep in mind most Mothers keep their cards forever!

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids and More

easterfloweregg Follow Me on Pinterest Though Easter is a religious holiday it is also symbolic of the spring.  Whether you are Catholic or not if you live in the colder areas of the country you are looking for a reason to celebrate.  Easter gifts are not as over the top as those in the Christmas season but kids nowadays look forward to a little something to combine with the many traditional Easter activities.

Easter gift ideas for kids usually revolve around an Easter Gift Basket of one kind or another.  Many times you can find them even at pharmacies like CVS and Walgreen’s if you are in a pinch.  Easter gift baskets usually include some amount of candy.  Plush toys like Easter Rabbits, Easter Chicks, and Easter Lambs are also good gifts particularly for younger kids.  My daughter likes Easter Lambs more than Easter Bunnies.

You can make your own Easter Gift Baskets by buying a basket and then creating a theme around it.  For example, there is an Easter Gift Basket on Amazon that combines a bunch of Ben 10 toys.  This is great if the boy on your Easter gift list is a big fan.  Another possibility that comes to mind is Bakugan which also is very popular with boys.  For girls Easter Gift Baskets can be themed for dolls that they like or even one that revolves around a makeover.  This could include age appropriate beauty supplies and hair products.

For the host of the Easter gathering you should also remember to bring a little something.  Flowers are an easy bet.  You can also bring more sophisticated boxed chocolates.

We have put together an Easter Amazon store with some of our recommendations.  The Easter Gift Ideas there also include Easter Books and Movies.  Easter is symbolic of rebirth.  Celebrate spring with a splash!