Unique Mothers Day Gifts for the Unconventional Mom

clown Follow Me on Pinterest Do you have one of those moms who politely smiles on Mothers Day as she receives her flowers, candy or jewelry?Many moms don’t fit so easily into the typical mold for Mothers day gifts.  When I tell people that I worry about gift ideas for mother they are surprised.  Isn’t it supposed to be easier to find the perfect Mothers Day present?  Unique mothers day gifts seem impossible to find.  Moms usually don’t drop hints.  The truth is we expect our loved ones to know what we want.

There are those well-intentioned gifts that are appreciated because of the thought but rarely if ever used.  The foot massager, the gift certificate to an unknown, never mentioned spa.  As a mom, you know you’ve gotten these.  Most mothers do appreciate flowers, candy and jewelry but if you don’t know whether your mother likes mints versus dark chocolate or gold versus silver you’re not trying hard enough.  If you’re not sure and you have brothers or sisters don’t be afraid to ask.  They may have been around when your mother mentioned something she wanted or better yet truly needed.  Your Dad can be the ultimate spy!  He is sure to know her the best.

Last year we had run out of unique gift ideas for our Mother.  My sister and I were going to take her out to a special brunch on a cruise ship but to be honest we had done that before.  We needed that unique gift that would let her know we had really tried.

Our Father told us that our mother had been clearing some things out of the attic and found an old collection of porcelain clowns that she had kept since her twenties.  My father remembered her packing them away when they moved to a new house just before my oldest sister was born.  She was afraid that the kids might break them.  My mother who is now in her sixties had been so taken by family life that she had forgotten all about them.  She had unpacked them and set them up in a special case.

My sister and I were ecstatic because we knew we could add to her collection.  Unique mothers day gifts are those that  are special to the mother involved.  When my sister and I found 3 more clowns to add to her collection we knew that she would be happy.  We knew she loved her collection and would appreciate us adding to it.  The most appreciated Mother’s Day gifts are those that consider that Mom’s interests and likes.  Finding that unique gift idea may be as easy as looking through an attic or paying attention to the conversation over a cup of coffee!

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gift Follow Me on Pinterest My name is Marilyn Franklin and I would like to welcome you to The Gifts Blog.  This blog is dedicated to writing about the art and science of gift giving.  This blog is a sort of sister site to the BestGiftsInfo website that we also run.  That site will now be focused more on indepth reviews of gifts versus articles.

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