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Technology and Appliance Gifts for Mother’s Day 2013

As a mom this Mother’s Day I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Being a bit obsessed with time management I always think technology can save me.   Though I love technology I have a love/hate relationship with it.  The main reason is that in order to gain the benefits of saving time that most of […]


Affordable Grandparents Day Gifts 2009

It’s never too late to show Grandparents how much you value them.  Some Grandparents are heavily involved in the day to day lives of their grandchildren while others may not have that luxury or responsibility.  Either way Grandparents Day is a great time to show them how important they are. Grandparents Day Gift Ideas Easy […]


Welcome to The Gifts Blog

My name is Marilyn Franklin and I would like to welcome you to The Gifts Blog.  This blog is dedicated to writing about the art and science of gift giving.  This blog is a sort of sister site to the BestGiftsInfo website that we also run.  That site will now be focused more on indepth […]