Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For All

Follow Me on Pinterest Valentine’s Day gift ideas can range anywhere from the traditional to the colorful, from the eventful to the very memorable.  What started out as a Christian holiday way back commemorating Saint Valentine it is now a celebration that is celebrated in many places around the world.  The more standard interpretation of Valentine’s Day is a Day to celebrate love between the intimate companions we live our lives with.  Kids also celebrate it though and they would tell you it is more about friendship than love (ugghhh!).

Traditional Valentines Day Gift Ideas

These are the usual flowers, candy,  jewelry and perfume that are advertised heavily in the malls.  Just because something is considered traditional does not mean it is dull and even more importantly it does not mean that it is not expected.  Most girlfriends and wives would be delighted to get a nice bouquet of roses as part of their Valentine’s Day experience.  Even if all you can afford is a small heart shaped box of chocolates it is also something that most of the time is appreciated.

Jewelry and perfume can be more expensive and can be considered much more symbolic.  Heart shaped pendants are the staple of an early Valentine’s Day for couples but there are a wide variety of designs that can range in expense.  Sterling silver with less jewels will cost less than gold with complex jewel designs.  Jewelry like perfume can be a challenge if you don’t know the person’s tastes that well.  Sometimes it is advisable to get help from his or her friends or family.  Perfumes in particular can be hit or miss.  The best bet is to get a perfume or cologne that he or she already uses.

Valentine’s Day Gifts with Color

Is red the color of Valentine’s Day?  Most people would say yes.  That is why when it comes to clothes or tech gifts you will find many stores offering products in red.  Red colored cameras and laptops can usually be found even when it is not Valentine’s Day.  Though some hot gifts like the Apple IPad may not be available yet in red there are a variety of accessories like cases that are available.  When it comes to clothes most of the offerings on Valentine’s Day are of the lingerie and male underwear variety.  You can find red baby doll lingerie for women and boxers with red hearts just to name a couple of underwear gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.  Though red is the traditional color of Valentine’s Day keep in mind that pink runs a close second for the women on your list.

Eventful and Memorable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Did your husband propose to you on Valentine’s Day?  Many men choose this day to pop the question which usually includes a nice diamond engagement ring to match.  Choosing an engagement ring should not be taken lightly.  Diamond rings can range in quality and price.  What might be OK for one women may be noticeably disappointing for another.  Definitely get help from family and friends on this.  Usually they know what she may expect and what her tastes are better than you.  A Valentine’s Day engagement is definitely memorable.

On the memorable side you need to consider the experience that you and your loved one will actually have on Valentine’s Day.  Typically a nice romantic dinner is the basic and is fine for couple early on in their relationships.  For those that have been around the block though this may be a great time to spice things up.  You can plan a night or a weekend away (especially if you have children).  The actual gifts themselves can also be made more memorable by engraving them.  Matching watches are a favorite of mine.  If you buy something like a Fossil or Movado metallic watch you can bring it over to a place like Things Remembered where you can get them engraved with your names and the date.  Every time you both wear them you will remember that special Valentine’s Day and the love that you both share.

Always remember that Valentine’s Day is about love and any gift that is from the heart will be appreciated by those who truly love you.  Enjoy Valentine’s Day!

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